Cloud AIO
Billing Page

Cloud AIO Billing Page

The sixth page within Cloud AIO is the billing page. Cloud AIO has the billing page for all your shipping and billing information. Profile List can also be found here.
+ is the button to create profile. • Import Profile is the button to import profiles from google sheets. • Export Profile is the button to export profiles from Cloud AIO profile list.
Overview of all the components of the Billing Page
First, you have Shipping Profile. This is a necessity for every site, and you must input valid profile information for every site.
Ensure that you have selected the correct country. Failure to correctly set a country will usually result in error when trying to cart or checkout.
Most of the fields are straightforward and should be filled accordingly.
Next, you have Billing Profile.
Billing profile isn't necessary for every site, since you can simply tick Shipping profile same as Billing profile if you have the same shipping and billing profile.
Untick this option to put custom billing information into the specific profile.
Finally, you have Profile List.
This is where you can edit or delete a specific profile.
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