Cloud AIO
Raffle Page
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Cloud AIO Raffle Page

The fourth page within Cloud AIO is the raffle page. In this page, you can view created raffle tasks as well as create raffle tasks and/or start/stop/clear raffle tasks.
+ is the button to create raffle task. • Start All Tasks is a button for starting all of your raffle tasks. • Stop All Tasks is a button for stopping all of your raffle tasks. • Clear All Tasks is a button to delete all of your raffle tasks.
Create Raffle Task
The create raffle tasks page is where you create tasks that is ONLY for Raffles.
Store is a section where you select the site you want to create a raffle task for. • Product infos is where you need to enter the raffle URL. • Size field is where you will input the size you want. • Proxy is an option to task a specific proxy group to a specific task. • Account is where you select the account required to login for specific account required sites. • Profile is where you will select a profile, which will create the raffle task with the size and URL you entered.
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