Cloud AIO
Tasks Page

Cloud AIO Tasks Page

The third page within Cloud AIO is the tasks page. In this page, you can view created tasks as well as create tasks and/or start/stop/clear tasks, as well as open the captcha window.
+ is the button to create task. • Start All Tasks is a button for starting all of your tasks. • Stop All Tasks is a button for stopping all of your tasks. • Clear All Tasks is a button to delete all of your tasks. • Captcha icon is a button to open the captcha harvester.
Create Task
The create tasks page is where you create tasks that is not related to Nike or Raffles.
Store is a section where you select the site you want to create a task for. • Product infos is where you need to enter any SKU/Keywords you will be using. • Size field is where you will input the size you want. • Proxy is an option to task a specific proxy group to a specific task. • Account is where you select the account required to login for specific account required sites. • Profile is where you will select a profile, which will create the task with the size and SKU/Keywords you entered.
Captcha Harvester
To use Cloud AIO captcha harvester, you must go to the bottom right corner of the tasks page. You can have 5 captcha harvesters open at a time. Click the Captcha icon to open the captcha harvester. Within this you can open youtube and/or add sessions and/or apply proxy using the respective buttons on the bottom. You can close the window by using the respective button at the top. There are 3 buttons that allow you to navigate the captcha harvesters. • Open Youtube - opens a browser that allows you to login to your google account and watch youtube/browse the internet
Add Session - opens a new harvester window
Apply Proxy - allows you to add a unique proxy for each harvester
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