Cloud AIO
General Information

What Operating Systems is Cloud AIO compatible with?

Cloud AIO currently supports only Windows.

How much does Cloud AIO cost?

Cloud AIO currently is in beta testing and a price have not been decided.

Where can I purchase Cloud AIO?

Retail Follow Cloud AIO on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on restock information.
Resale Currently there is no supported and safe way to get Cloud AIO from the resale market.

What is included with Cloud AIO?

You will receive 1 license key to use Cloud AIO and a one-time use discord invitation to join the Cloud AIO discord server.

When will my license expire? How do I renew my license?

Your initial purchase gives you access to the bot for 6 months. To continue using the bot after this period, you will need to renew your license. License expiry dates can be found in your dashboard. When your license expires you can extend your subscription to receive updates for $? (price yet to be decided) every 6 months.
It is important to note that we have a strict 3 days renewal grace period. If you wish to continue to use Cloud AIO you must renew within this grace period, otherwise you will be unable to.

How many computers can I use my Cloud AIO license with?

Each license can only be activated and used on one computer at a time. Should you wish to use your key on another computer, simply reset using the user dashboard.

Where can I download Cloud AIO?

The latest version of Cloud AIO can be found in the #downloads channel or in the user dashboard. Simply click the link for the latest version and the download will open in your browser.

How to launch Cloud AIO after downloading?

Windows On Windows, double click the exe file and go through the steps to complete the installation. You should uninstall any previous versions of Cloud AIO first. To launch the application, double click the Cloud AIO icon on your desktop.

How to log in?

To activate your copy of Cloud AIO, enter the key from your dashboard and press activate. You should then see the dashboard. The type of key you are using is displayed in the bottom center.

Why do I get an invalid license key?

Ensure that you do not have a space at the start or end of your key. Make sure you do not have Cloud AIO open elsewhere. If same error were to occur, head over to your dashboard to reset your key.