Cloud AIO
General Setup

How many tasks can I create?

To determine how many tasks you can create, it is based on three things: 1. Profiles More Profiles = More Tasks
I recommend creating as many profiles as you can, but ensuring that each profile have a unique information. No duplicate information in each profile (name/address/card/email). One credit card to one profile and randomize the information of each profile by jigging to ensure that no profile is identical. Personal Tips: •use your friends and families phone numbers •keep the same last name but change the first name •apply for virtual credit cards to get more cards (Revolut/Privacy/Wise) •rearrange your address for each profile
2. Computer Task Limit More CPU usage = Lesser Tasks
Always know how many tasks your computer can handle before making them. This is to ensure Cloud AIO runs smoothly and does not crash in the middle of the drop. There isn't an exact estimate on how many tasks your computer can handle, so it is best to run a test or experiment during the drop.
3. Type Of Site
Some sites allow you to run thousands of tasks, while some sites limit the number of tasks you can run. Creation of tasks is up to you but you should know the risks. Nike Webstore • unlimited checkouts per profile • cart holds for only 60 minutes
Nike SNKRS • one checkout per profile • SNKRS recognizes each household of four people
Yeezy Supply • five checkouts per profile • card starts getting declined after 5 checkouts on 1 profile • re-shipper zip-code ban, use a USA residential address
Supreme • one checkout per profile • privacy cards do not work on Supreme • residential address is required, no re-shipper address can be used
Shopify • unlimited checkouts per profile • international shipping for all products except Nike
Limited Edt • one checkout per profile • international shipping is available for non hype releases • all hype releases will need to input a discount code to reduce the item to retail price
Footsites • one checkout per profile • local residential address is required