Cloud AIO
I can't cop! What should I do?
Note: This guide does no guarantee 100% success. It will help you increase the chances of copping different items with Cloud AIO. TIP 1: Understand Cloud AIO Without knowledge of how to utilize Cloud AIO, you will have no chance of copping. I highly suggest that you carefully read all of the guides we have and getting to know how the bot works through trial and error. Furthermore, I highly recommend that you get familiar with each site so that you can play around with your set up for each drop. TIP 2: Proxies and Servers Proxies are extremely important and it varies from site to site, it is essential to know which proxies to buy and how to budget your spending. I highly recommend to use more than one proxy provider, in case one provider fails then you will have another as back up. It is also important to test a few of your proxies and see the speeds you are getting. The proxy providers I recommend are Zesty and Slash. Servers are also very important and can increase your chances of success, especially if your PC or internet suffers from slow speeds. Servers allows more tasks to be running and is crucial to scale your set up. The server provider I recommend are Zesty and 10xServers.
TIP 3: Practice The more drops you run for, the more experience you will gain. There is no substitute for trial and error to know your setup inside and out. Do pay attention to how your setup performs every drop and improve them for the next drop. Always double-check the guides in discord and make sure you didn't make any careless mistakes. Also do keep in mine that for every drop, there are thousands of bot users all going for the same limited item. When you account for the fact that many users are running thousands of tasks, it is easy to see why highly profitable releases tend to be difficult. Not every release will yield success. A bot is here to help you increase your pairs and checkout speed, but it does not guarantee you a sure cop for every release you go for.
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