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How to create a Shopify task?
The product title in this case is Wmns Dunk Low "Triple White", so adequate keywords would be +wmns,+dunk,+low,+triple,+white or some variant of that, as long it is not on the site multiple times.
In addition to keywords for the product, you will need color keywords. You can find the product color in bold under the product title. In this case, the product color would be white.
Then, paste the keywords in the keywords field and the color in the color field. Keywords and colors are case insensitive, which means it doesn't matter whether you capitalize a letter or not. Keywords must not have spaces anywhere, and follow the format +PositiveKeyword,+AnotherPositiveKeyword,-NegativeKeyword if needed. If you want a random color, leave the color field blank.

Creating Tasks

1. Store - Select your desired store for Shopify.
2. Keywords - This is where your keywords will go, see more details on keywords above, but your keywords are formatted +PositiveKeyword,-NegativeKeywordIfNeeded,+AnotherPositive, and they are case insensitive so capitalizations won't matter. Please ensure there are no spaces anywhere on your keywords.
3. SKU -This is where your product sku will go.
4. Link - This is where your product link will go.
5. Color - This where your color will go, see more details on color above, but your color is also case insensitive so capitalizations won't matter, and can include spaces if the color is two words.
6. Size - Choose a size in accordance with which sizes will be offered by the site, i.e. a Small is also a Small in the bot, regardless of the region.
7. Promo Code - This is where you will input the promo code for sites that require it for checkout.
8. Login Email - This is where you input your login email for sites that require you to login.
9. Login Password - This is where you input your login password for sites that require you to login.
10. Profile - Choose the profile you want the task to use to create task(s) with all of your saved profiles.
11. Proxy - Choose the proxy group you want to use.
Residential and Datacenter proxies work on Shopify, and both have had success.
We recommend having captcha solvers open in case captcha bypass fails, as the bot will utilize a fallback and prompt captcha
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